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1st anniversary in the Netherlands brings an acquisition and new offices

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Linde Declercq
Corporate Communication

General Manager Jacob Flik and CEO Thomas Van Eeckhout look back on a successful first year of work in the Netherlands. The acquisition of van Helvoirt Automatisering B.V.' in 's-Hertogenbosch is considered the latest achievement.

Strengthen market position

Van Helvoirt puts quality, personal and reliable services first. They specialise in automating and improving business processes with a strong focus on advice, technical implementation and system management," says CEO Thomas Van Eeckhout. "Their expertise in IBM technology is a nice addition to our services. Rudi will also stay on board as Technical Director. With this acquisition we confirm our market position in the Netherlands and continue to build on our growth in the Netherlands".

Concentration of expertise

"We have found a reliable partner in EASI who shares our vision," says Rudi van Helvoirt. "We look to the future with great confidence. Just like EASI, we believe very much in creating added value for our customers through service orientation and personal involvement. Moreover, we both have a special bond with IBM".

IBM Power

EASI has had a strong belief in the IBM Power platform since its creation in 1999. In the world of IBM Power Systems, EASI has become a reference with the IBM Platinum Business Partner label as the icing on the cake. Van Helvoirt also has extensive in-house expertise with Rudi as IBM Power (IBM i) Champion. "As soon as IBM i is present in the project, we are of added value," says Rudi.

Scale advantage for van Helvoirt customers

With the takeover, EASI expects to further optimise its services. van Helvoirt's services will continue under the EASI flag. For the customers, the continuity of services will remain fully guaranteed. Thanks to the increase in scale, van Helvoirt will be able to offer a larger range of services to its customer base.

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New offices

Another boost for EASI in the Netherlands is the brand-new offices that the company previously occupied. Van Helvoirt employees are also moving to EASI's new offices this month.

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