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4 reasons why investing in End User Support As A Service pays off

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Fabio Griffet

Why is End User Support As A Service successful? If we're honest there are several different elements who make this service so rewarding. In my opinion there are 4 main raisons.

First of all there is the logical aspect. You want everybody up and running.

Achieving Business Continuity

It might seem pretty straight forward but, to achieve its business goals, your company needs productive employees and a working computing environment. Shortly said: applications, tools and IT infrastructure that just work. Every minute employees are not productive due to malfunctions is a major loss. End User Support is therefor a lot more important than you think.

The right people in the right place

End user support specialists all have something in common: they have a particularly strong combination of technical and interpersonal characteristics. Put simply: they know a lot and they can help you in a calm and clear way in human language. It is often a task for many companies to recruit the right people in-house who are both technically and verbally the right match to help their employees further.

Moreover, statistics show that the most commonly heard complaints among support teams revolve around the feeling that they lack the tools or knowledge to deal with complicated requests. So an additional advantage of End User Support As A Service is that you don't have to invest in an expensive ticket system to get additional training on niche issues.

Those who choose End User Support As A Service actually choose to improve business results, business continuity and the support experience of their own employees.

Secondly, you can focus on what really matters

A lot of IT departments see their bigger projects being put on hold because their IT support teams are faced with a mountain of aged tickets. If step 1 is achieving business continuity it's clear that taking care of this daily continuity, by supporting the end users and troubleshooting the issues they face to continue their daily activities, quickly becomes a full time - yet important - occupation.

Very often, companies don't have a dedicated support team at their disposal. End user support as a service allows these IT teams to breath and focus on what really matters.

Third reason, efficiency is key

Procedures and standardization, yes there is a method to the madness

In end user support as a service it's all about standardization and procedures.

These ensure that a ticket is handled as efficiently as possible and thus that the problem is solved as quickly as possible.

Not everybody is used to working with these kinds of monitoring systems. It's important when choosing a support partner you feel ensured that they will continuously update their procedures and put the necessary effort into documenting all necessary matters. At EASI we believe that this is key, and the only way how you can bring the support to its full potential.

Fourth reason, it's quick and remote

Today’s professionals are as likely to work inside their offices as outside their offices. They need you to provide reliable support wherever they are. With a good tool, the team of your end user support partner can quickly get users back up and running from anywhere.

Being able to manage an environment remotely ensures that issues can be dealt with quickly as they arise.

Do you have questions about End User Support As A Service? Or would you like to discuss the opportunities that this service might entail for your company? Don't hesitate to contact me, without any obligation of course.

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