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5 good reasons to switch to Adfinity PHP Web Access

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Nicolas Ragno
Product Manager

It’s just two years now since an ambitious new Web version of Adfinity was launched. 

This version of the app was developed totally in PHP / JS, which are the technologies we chose to meet our aims and respond to the growing demands of our users.

So, why migrate to our new Web application in your company? Read on to find out the 5 main reasons.

1- You’re concerned about the ergonomics of your work tool

The ergonomics of a website or app are vital. Modern applications are constantly judged on this criterion. This is because it enables users to determine whether the site is intuitive and fully functional.

Right now, we are all looking for ways to work more efficiently. Application ergonomics are a determining factor that will enable all users to save time and enjoy enhanced comfort and convenience.

To make this happen, there are several functionalities that will help users to locate a specific element without difficulty:

Assisted searches

These make it possible to list data directly in a zone (like Google): If I enter "NE", the application enables me to view companies beginning with "NE"


Searches from a list

These make it possible to search across all of the lines and columns of a table (= flexible search)


Searches in a column

These make it possible to search down a column (= specific search)



When viewing certain information, pagination has also been implemented to enhance visibility, as well as in terms of content


 2- Your work tool needs to be intuitive

For the past few years we have seen a definite need grow among Adfinity customers. Today, more than 15,000 web users work in our application on a daily basis. Given the number of users in question, it is of course impossible to provide individual training courses.

As a result, we set ourselves the goal of making the application user-friendly. To meet this need, we pulled out all the stops and stood back a little to make it happen the way we wanted. As part of the process, we produced videos of new users tackling the app. This enabled us to better understand any weaknesses and ambiguities that might crop up in terms of use.

Our customers’ opinions also played a major role in our choices, and experiences from the previous Web version were one of the driving forces in creating the new revamp.

3- Did you say responsive?

A new development framework was used to help us make the application “responsive". "Responsive Web Design" (RWD) enables the app to adapt in a visually transparent way, depending on the dimensions of the user’s screen. This new version of the site will provide the user with a much better reading and navigation experience, regardless of the range of device used.

For example, as a web approver, you will be able to view the PDFs and approve your invoices on your iPad sitting in your comfy chair at home... Why not get a head start on some of your daily tasks? *

Once again the user’s comfort and convenience were placed at the centre of discussions about revamping the app.

* Provided, of course, that access to the site is secure and available from outside the office.

4- Security first

Current needs in terms of security are important: businesses need to stay compliant with the requirements and rules set by the International Standards Organisation (ISO). Recently, external companies specialising in application audits submitted tenders to test the security of our application.

Several levels of criticality were analysed from a variety of angles: both in terms of what is visible (browser) and behind the scenes within the application. Developments were then implemented accordingly to respond to the majority of points of high and medium importance.

Some examples:

  • Password policy with advanced security (using a token)
  • Management of authorised download / upload extensions
  • Management of SQL injections
  • Protection against "brute force" attacks

5- Web migration

A PHP version of Adfinity is already compatible with version 5 of EASI Financials. This means it is not necessary to migrate the rich application to Adfinity to have the new Web platform.

What else?

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