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5 reasons to install the new Excel Add-in for Adfinity

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Roel Verckens
Senior Business Consultant, EASI

For many years, we used Excel extensions if we wanted to create reports easily. And though the formulas we defined became ever more extensive, the technique always stayed the same. However, this is changing now!

Below I will give you 5 reasons that are bound to convince you of the ease of the new Excel Add-In.

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Why should you switch to the new Excel Add-In:

1) Sharing of reports made easier

We improved the way in which the formulas are saved in the Excel file. The big plus? Colleagues who open your report will no longer have #VALUE errors. This used to be a problem that often occurred with the "old" way of working.


2) Enhanced assistance for entering formulas

Another very handy tool is the enhanced assistance for entering formulas. If you want to use a formula, you can now request an example which gives you more information about the result of that formula.


3) Login and environments

The new version enables you to limit the environments (entities), so users will only see the environment they can access in Adfinity. Consequently, the result of the formulas is limited to these environments. For this access you simply use the login and the password assigned to you in Adfinity.


4) Report templates

Some templates have already been incorporated in the new version, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when creating a report. It is easier to adjust a report template than to start with an empty page and, needless to say, it helps you save a lot of time.


5) Details!!

Last but not least... the devil is in the detail ;-). This is why you can view the details of the obtained result for some formulas from now on. By simply clicking on "Details" a new tab opens, showing the records that determine the result. You, as user of the report obtain more information without having to log in to Adfinity first. This was by far the greatest shortcoming of the previous version.


If you have become a fan by now, be sure to contact your consultant or contact us.

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