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5 things I did not know before I started working at EASI

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Ingmar Zwinnen
Consultant EASI

When applying for a job with a company, most people carry out considerable research. And yet I was pleasantly surprised afterwards! These are my latest discoveries.

A new office!

Recently, EASI has acquired a new office. It came as a pleasant surprise when, in May, I started my first working day at EASI. There was going to be a new office in Genk! Now, a few months later, I can say that this is perfect for me. I can choose between the offices in Leuven or in Genk, so I can avoid traffic jams and my work life balance is even better now!

On top of that, the Genk office is brand new, easily accessible, and a handy base from which I can set out for regional customers.

EASI celebrates its 20th birthday!

This year EASI will be organising numerous activities to celebrate its 20th anniversary, for employees as well as for customers. For example, the Family Day – for staff members – was held in Disneyland Paris this year. Every employee could enjoy a wonderful free weekend break with his or her family.

Before I started working at EASI, I knew that they have a strong focus on recognition of employees. We also have a Recognition Day each year. The management really pampers the entire staff then. That an entire recognition weekend would be organised to mark the 20th anniversary certainly exceeded my expectations. So in September we will all be leaving for a weekend. Destination unknown for the time being, but we are looking forward to it with the whole team!


From the very start, EASI maps out an extensive training programme for you, that will continue throughout your career.

In the beginning you will attend workshops and training sessions on all products and business lines. This will give you a clear view of the entire enterprise. Of course, we were also treated to some kind of a short Adfinity School programme. And we did not escape that exam either!

Apart from technical training courses, training sessions on social styles, writing skills and assertiveness are scheduled as well. Depending on which business line you are in, these are followed by training courses at a later stage, and external training courses are also possible. That you can keep learning here is a real plus!

Time for leisure


Take it EASI! Attention is paid to the employee both during and after hours. Whether you want to show your FIFA skills on the PlayStation or want to improve your throwing technique by playing a game of darts, everything is possible here at EASI.


Besides, employees can also organise activities themselves, for example the “feel good event” during which employees can organise events (sporting, cultural, training…) outside working hours or at the weekend.




Who can say that he or she has an empty mailbox at the end of every working day? I think I can say with an easy mind: almost every EASI employee. Structure makes the work easier, and that is why EASI has developed its own tool to organise the email traffic better, distribute the tasks, and follow up on them. This results in an even smoother communication to customers and I won’t have to dream of InboxZero anymore. I can take care of that myself.

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