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51 new shareholders: relive this special day with us

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Laurent Boveroux
Marketing officer

The 22nd of April 2021 has marked a turning point in the history of our company. 51 of our employees have become shareholders. Relive in this article this exciting and emotional day. 

A day like no other

To an outside observer, April 22 looked just like any other day. However, there was a special atmosphere in our offices in Nivelles: an effervescence that is characteristic of major moments in a company's history.

Although our offices are usually empty during this period of homeworking, around fifty of our employees had nevertheless made the trip to officialize their entry as shareholders of the company.

It went like clockwork 

How do you get 51 people to sign up at the same time while respecting the government's anti-Covid-19 measures? At the same time, we also wanted to mark the occasion because this is a major milestone in an employee's career at EASI.

We had to scratch our heads a bit and be creative, but we got there. 

Our new shareholders were called in small groups in one of our well-ventilated meeting rooms in accordance with a well-established schedule. We assure you that the atmosphere was much better and more electric than in a dentist's waiting room 😉.



They were then invited one by one for the official signature moment with our founder Salvatore Curaba. He was delighted to have the opportunity to exchange a few words with each of them. The employee's manager and our CEOs were also present for a "family photo". You can read the excitement even behind the masks.
No time for a little glass of champagne unfortunately, the others are still stamping their feet and waiting for their turn in the next room. 


VISION_HD_©__044 VISION_HD_©__046


Signature via Teams

This day was not only dedicated to the signing of 51 new shareholders. Many of our employees who were already shareholders also decided to buy back shares in the company.

As surprising as it may seem, this financial transaction took place entirely online in the presence of the executive committee. After a year of global pandemic, there is no doubt that we've managed to use the video conferencing to its full potential.

VISION_web_©__240 VISION_web_©__248


What are their thoughts on this?

We took advantage of this day to interview Salvatore and our two CEOs in a video interview. For the three of them, this day was also rich in emotions.


Sans titre (35)
Salvatore Curaba (founder of EASI)

"Today is a rather odd day. I remember putting this model in place at the company's inception, but it's only in the last 10 years that the model has grown significantly. There has been a real momentum with more and more people wanting to participate in the company".

"But what I'm most proud of, is that I have gone all the way with my approach. For many years I have been saying that EASI is no longer my company but OUR company. To me, there is nothing more normal than a company that belongs to its employees, because in the end, the success of a company comes from them".

"I am glad to have allowed my collaborators to overtake me and I am proud that I did not cling to power. And I was right to do so. EASI has developed extremely well over the last few years, much more so than when I was at the head of the company".


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Jean-François Herremans (CEO of EASI)

"I really felt a positive energy today, I see that everyone is super motivated. Personally, it boosts me, and I hope that it also gives a lot of energy to each of the shareholders to be able to enter this new adventure".

"I remember when I began my career at EASI, I already had this desire to become a shareholder. I even talked to Salvatore about it, asking him if one day I might become a shareholder and he created a kind of action plan for me to get there".

"The day I became a shareholder, something clicked in my head and I felt even more invested in the company. It also gives us the feeling that the company we work for has become our company. Instead of being an entrepreneur, we become intrapreneurs".


Sans titre (37)

Thomas Van Eeckhout (CEO of EASI)

"This is a very special day for us. It's a bit of a new beginning for 51 new shareholders, but also for everyone involved in this model at EASI. Today, many things have changed in the minds of many people. And that does not leave us indifferent". 

"This model can be compared to a marriage. You have to live through the good times, but also the bad times. When things are going well, we all celebrate together, but when things aren't, we support each other and make sure we overcome the difficulties. Also, this model equips us properly for the challenges that every company has to face".

"This model is also a driver of growth. If our employees are able to take their destiny into their own hands and have the opportunity to realize their dreams, growth is a natural and logical consequence of the model we have put in place".

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