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6 reasons to choose new accounting software

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Evelien Viroux
Adfinity Consultant

Keeping accounts should not be a source of frustration. Are you held back by one of the following six limitations? Then it may be time to change accounting packages.

Your accounting package can contribute greatly to the growth of your business. But does your current software offer the absolute maximum possible? Here are 6 reasons to choose a new accounting package.

As your company grows, you will require more and more accounting resources. No surprise there, but can your accounting package keep up?

1. You want to be able to interface with another program

The time of all-in-one software is over. We want the best customized program for every aspect of our business, and that's a good thing. Therefore, your ideal accounting program complies with that requirement by allowing interfaces with other packages.

2. The program is outdated

Software that was cutting edge 10 years ago, may no longer be relevant today. Is your package even still supported? Don't let yourself be limited by software that has not evolved to include today's possibilities. Check the investments of your current partner. At EASI, for example, we reserve at least 2000 man-days each year for new developments and updates in Adfinity. Thanks to our blog, your consultants and our sales team, everyone stays informed of all the innovations.

3. You wish to boost productivity

Your program does what it needs to do, but that's all. That's a good start, but it's not enough. There are so many options available that can boost the productivity of your company and save you time. Automation is the word of the day in the field of accounting. Faster VAT declarations, OCR for invoices, automatic read-ins of CODA, ...

Adfinity offers a lot of automation capabilities. Have a look here at our top 5 of most automated tasks.

4. You would like more reporting options

To get maintain a good overview of your key performance indicators, excellent reporting tools are a must. Does it take your accountants too much time to deliver clear reports? Then think about ways to increase productivity.

With the Excel add-in for Adfinity, you will only need to create your report once. Using a direct link to the database, your numbers are kept up to date with a single mouse click. Would you like to visualise the combined data of several software packages? This is possible with our Business Intelligence tool: Qlickview.

5. You are worried about changes in legislation

Changes in VAT legislation, GDPR, Peppol, ...

A changed law nearly always leads to the need to change your way of accounting. Does your accounting package take such changes into account? Don't risk of a fine! Choose a package that will remain in compliance with both domestic and foreign legal standards.

Are you unsure whether a new law will affect your business? Then find a partner whose consultants are eager to help.

6. Your current provider does not offer support

Don't be fooled by the price of some accounting programs. As soon as you need support - an update, more volume, other services, help setting up analytical coordinates, etc. - things turn sour very quickly.

At EASI, our goal is to have every company and every person reach their full potential. If your company is doing well, we're doing well. That's why we choose for a partnership approach that focuses on transparency. You will have be in close contact with our consultants who support you during and after the migration. In addition, our hotline is ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have.

Are you considering a change, but you have doubts about the feasibility of a migration? Then make sure to have a look at this article, which specifically discusses the possibilities of changing accounting packages.

Do you have any other questions, or does your company have very specific demands? 

Please don't hesitate to contact us without obligation.

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