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A day in the shoes of a Candicar salesperson

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Mégane Fastrez
PR and Communication, EASI

At EASI, we have our hearts set on understanding how our clients use our apps. Are they satisfied? What problems do they encounter? What can we do to improve their everyday tasks?

As part of these reflections, we regularly engage in “See my Life” sessions: we accompany users of the app for a day to “live their lives as users”. With Marion, our UX analyst, we put on our “sales hat” for a day and accompanied Sébastien, a salesman at Candicar and a user of our mobile sales app, SmartSales.

This concept, which we call “Live my Life” can be carried out with any client, with any app we develop. 

Sébastien's job is...

90% on the road, going from garages to service stations and other points of sale as most sales take place on the ground, not remotely. Sébastien is one of the four sales representatives at Candicar, a company offering automotive maintenance products, B2B only. 

What he likes the most about SmartSales

The must-have client module

“I use this feature all day long! It's much easier for data processing, to navigate between clients. It's the starting point for all my tasks”.

Ordering in a few clicks 

“Taking orders has never been faster. This results in considerable time savings for me with clients who, as you can imagine, wish to return to their main activities”.

Using the software is easy as pie

“The app is very intuitive and I have access to all sorts of information very quickly (the best selling products, the total amount of orders for the day, etc.)”.

Less paperwork, more time!

“With SmartSales, I'm more efficient, especially as I've eliminated my evening paperwork. I record my visit reports immediately after my appointments, before going on to the next one”.

“I also find basic details more quickly, without having to rummage through my papers. I also don't have to carry my product catalogue, which sometimes gets damaged during trips. It can all be accessed in the app!”.

“I'm a fan of SmartSales: it's totally changed the way I work. I'm more effective and I spend less time filling out paperwork”.

New features thanks to Sébastien

We now know what our host for a day uses frequently and what's changed the way he works. But Sébastien also pointed out certain problems and potential improvements regarding task management and the structure of the main menu.

What if we could do even better?

SmartSales v3 is available!

And that's it! From 22 January, SmartSales v3 is available. The problems identified by Sébastien were taken into account and you can now: 


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