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A first year at EASI

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Delphine Baudhuin

The 18 consultants who began last year celebrated their one-year milestone and there has not been one dull day. Let me tell you what phases we've been through.

It's safe to say the Adfinity team keeps on growing. This year another 18 consultants will celebrate their first year milestone. So let me begin with the phase they've just finished.

Adfinity School

Everyone begins in Adfinity School. This represents 3 months of training in Adfinity software, Windev, SQL Server, ... These trainings are given by in-house trainers. And who says training, also says certification. And afterwards every consultant is evaluated on his or her newly acquired skills.

In-house training

The second phase involved in-house customer tasks, customer support and ongoing training. It's the best way to learn thanks to the experts who share their knowledge with us and the practical implementation.

Customer passage

The third phase reflects the increasing evolution and increasing level of autonomy of the consultants. This is when we do our first interventions. In addition, as teams grow, consultants must also play a coaching role for newcomers. The goal is to push everyone upwards to progress.

Multidisciplinary and continuous training

The training offer at EASI is continuous and intensive. Training topics evolve according to experience and cover several areas (the Adfinity solution, human relations, communication, cohesion, technology, internal tools, coaching ...). We keep on learning so that we can offer the best to our customers.

Feel Good Event

EASI offers the possibility to its employees to organize events and activities (sports, cultural, fun, ...). These events take place outside working hours or on weekends, so participation is optional. The interest is to reinforce the cohesion of the team and to share moments together is another part of the job. These activities are often very popular with employees.

Everyday at EASI

Within each business line, employees are divided into teams. Mutual help and sharing are the keywords of these teams.

Quarterly (general company information), monthly (team-specific information) and weekly (personal follow-up) meetings are organized at different levels. This flow of communication helps to streamline information among all employees.

The offices are very spacious and every 6 months employees change places. This shakes things up and brings a lot of opportunities to meet other colleagues. This way we can build relationships with a large number of people.

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