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Wilfried Granger
Software Engineer, EASI

In accounting, the importance of properly recording our accounting documents has been amply demonstrated. If an error occurs during encoding, this affects our balance sheet, our budgets, our analytical breakdowns, and so on. Sometimes we need to ask a colleague or superior for an opinion or we can check and modify other people's coding. In order to do this, we can put an approval cycle in place by authorising modifications. Our colleague does not have to be a user of our Adfinity rich client, they can use a simple web browser with our Web Access. And yes, the world is becoming more and more mobile…

Up till now, you're going to tell me that all this was already possible before and for several years, even. On the Internet, the person doing the approving was thus able to modify the allocation of detailed postings. Once the approval cycle is finished, we have to write the modifications made by hand on the accounting document. So where does this new feature come in?

In the past, we had to go through each accounting document in order to check that there were no new allocations to be posted on the latter. This processing was long and restrictive! Especially when thousands of invoices have to be reviewed per month. It was therefore very easy to miss a web allocation involuntarily. We did not have an overall view… Now can you see this new feature?

There it is! It’s a new program which enables all Internet allocations to be centralised. We can view the allocations which are pending approval, the history of allocations and most importantly allocations which have been approved and which have not yet been posted.

accounting functionalities adfinity

The selection screen gives a filter of the Internet allocations which we wish to display. We can filter on several criteria:

  • Status
    • Already posted (history)
    • Pending approval
    • Approved but not yet posted
  • On companies
  • On the period
  • On the journal code
  • On the approval code

accounting functionalities adfinity

On this screen, we can:

  • display the approval cycle in order to see the state of progress of the latter;
  • directly view the PDFs which are connected to the accounting document;
  • display the original accounting document in order to examine the modifications which are going to be made.

Naturally, we can post allocations directly from this screen. The posting of allocations made on the Internet will not directly modify the accounting document. It will create a miscellaneous operation in order to reverse the chargeable lines of the original document and create new entries coming from the approval cycle. In Adfinity, a link is created between the original document and the miscellaneous operation generated following the posting of Internet allocations.

accounting functionalities adfinity

The system also allows you to go much further by automating the posting of allocations made on the Internet. We can create a miscellaneous operation journal which will contain all the modifications to allocations. We can also think about creating a miscellaneous operation journal by selection criterion. For example, all the postings from the sales and purchase journals will automatically go into their respective miscellaneous operation journal. If you wish to automate this operation, you can contact your consultant in order to set up this job automatically.

To conclude, the Adfinity Internet allocations module gives an overall view and rapid posting of allocations which come from approval cycles.

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