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Philippe d'Alcantara
Sales Engineer, EASI

A little while ago, I wrote a post about why our Cloud2be solution differs from other cloud solutions. Today I can proudly say that we have successfully migrated yet another customer to our Cloud2be; more specifically: Electro-Flandria.

Electro-Flandria is a company based in Nazareth whose activities include the import of industrial electronic components and architectural lighting fixtures. They have been in the business for years and, like most companies these days, questioned the business continuity of their IT environment.

Since we can help our clients both on-premise as in our Cloud2be environment, we often compare both solutions in order to get the best possible fit for our client. We do this with a great amount of transparency and communication with the customers. This communication and cooperation we have with our clients is something we actually take pride in. In our opinion, it is of the utmost importance to work together and not just for our customers.

When the renewal of the environment came up, the emphasis on security and business continuity was clearly very important. It became obvious that a disaster recovery plan had to to be taken into account in order to fully compare the current on-premise solution to the Cloud-based alternative.

The conclusion was that both options (a renewal of the platform with the possibility to recover in Cloud2be in case of disaster versus a full Cloud solution) charmed our customer; as they both promised a strong availability and continuity. Since Electro-Flandria wanted to focus mostly on their business and less on maintaining the platform, they happily decided to migrate to Cloud2be and reap the benefits of the solution. If you are wondering how exactly we did this or what would be necessary to ensure you can focus on your business, I bet we can help you and your business with that.

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