Application (Network) Performance Analysis

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Johan Jakus
Senior System Engineer, EASI

Companies rely more and more on their IT and their applications to work as efficiently as possible. Of course, when the applications do not work or work poorly, the impact on the business can be huge. Most of the time IT teams are prepared to fix blocking issues such as server crashes or hardware failures but slowness in applications is often more complex to diagnose and resolve.

This is complex to handle especially because the given information is not very pertinent (example: “the server is slow…”). It is hard for an IT team to measure user application responsiveness; this is where Network Performance Analysis comes in.

Network Performance Analysis

Why is the network so important? Today, all IT systems communicate with each other over some network (Internet, local LAN, Wireless …). Therefore, their performance can be impacted by the available bandwidth, the latency, bad configuration etc…
How can we help with a bad End User Experience? As everything is done through the network, we can pinpoint the source of a problem by analyzing the network flows. When a request to a server is slow, we can see:

  • how much time the request took to arrive to the server
  • how much time the server took to process the request
  • how much time the response took to get to the client

This analysis gives also many details concerning the bandwidth, the latency, packet retransmission etc…

In order to achieve this analysis we are using the Performance Vision tool.
EASI is currently finetuning its offer to perform such Network Performance Analysis and should be able to propose this soon.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

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