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Are you sleeping well?

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Brice Feron
Sales Representative, EASI

Last weeks, the press was full of article about companies or public institutions being victims of crypto virus. Well, I can imagine that, as an IT Manager or CEO, it might keep you awake at night....

Here is a typical list of questions you might be asking yourself :

  • Is my anti-malware up to date ?
  • Will I be protected from any viruses ?
  • Did we put enough budget in cyber security last year ?
  • Are we sure that we take backups every night ?
  • How safe is our backup ?

Well... you might or might not have all the answers but one thing is sure, you have to reinsure yourself and/or your management.

Never say never...

If you think it might not occurs to your company you are a completely fool.

If you think no threat would damage your business you are again a fool...

You can put all the security solutions that you want, you will never be 100% sure that nothing can happen.

Be prepared... not scared

The best and first way to prepare yourself is to, at least, test your backup.

That might give you useful information about the time needed to be up and running (RTO) in case of an attack.

It can also reassure yourself about the possibility to restore from your backup.

The next step now is to cross your fingers to make sure that your backup would not be infected by the potential cryptolocker.

There are also solutions to avoid this issue with off-site and disconnected backup copy (we will tell you more about this in the future).

If you are interested in testing your backup, we can off course help you and test it in our Safe2be environment.

That will gives you the following benefits :

  • No need to have a virgin environment to restore on-site
  • No downtime on your production environment
  • Less time needed from your side... You can continue to focus on your day-to-day tasks
  • You will have a profesionnal and usable report about your restore procedure
  • We can help you to improve your Disaster Recovery Plan

Feel free to contact us for more information

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