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Asset Management (Adfinity Real Estate new features)

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Justin Joly
Adfinity Consultant

Asset management is one of the biggest responsibilities held by a property manager and is no easy feat. Access to the information that ensures successful implementation of procedures is paramount, so what can be done to simplify access to these data? Here is the list of new features designed to make your life a lot easier.

The Overview

The Overview is a screen that centralizes all the information relating to a building or tenant. The manager will now have a central screen on which he/she will find all of the Real Estate information required for daily management.


The screen is accessible from the building/units and/or tenant.

Available in version 1.3


The generation of assessments

Management of distribution keys and assessments will be simplified. The Copy button already present at distribution key level will be improved so as to also allow for the copy of assessments already associated with it.


On top of that, the assessments encoding screen will be greatly simplified and allow for “on-the-go” changes just as in an Excel spreadsheet. It will no longer be necessary to go into each sheet in order to adjust the values, which tended to overly complicate the task.

Available in version 1.5

Models of agreements

The user will have the possibility to define models of agreements.

Example: a rental agreement, a provisions for charges sub-agreement as well as a parking sub-agreement.


When the user creates a new agreement, the application will suggest creating one based on a model. All of the sub-contracts will then automatically be created.

Available in version 1.5


Documentary Management

Documentary management at Real Estate level will become intuitive and effective.
It will also be possible to easily send documents to the tenants/owners.

It will now be much easier to:

  • Link documents to an agreement;
  • Link documents to a tenant;
  • Link documents to a building/rental unit;
  • Send the documents via email;
  • Generate a Word document from a template.


Once the document is created and linked to the signage, it will be possible to send it directly by email from the same screen. It will also be possible to create a document based on a Microsoft Word Template.


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