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Arnaud Delforge

Executive Business Manager & Partner, EASI
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Adfinity Real Estate is here

Since 1999, Adfinity has positioned itself as an accounting and financial management software.

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When do you know Excel is no longer enough?

Are you a user of Excel?

In today's business world, chances are high that you answered "yes" to this question. If you're working as an accountant or in a finance department, chances are even bigger!  

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Accounting, what is it ? Part 2/2

First and foremost, this article is the second part of our topic on finding out more about the world of accounts. You can find here a link to the first article which will no doubt help you to...

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Accounting, what is it ? Part 1/2

Accounting is a subject which is often associated “with figures”. One day or another, everyone in the company finds themselves confronted “by the accounts department”… Many of our readers are not...

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Costs spreads in Adfinity

After spending a few years at EASI and with a good hundred demonstrations of Adfinity behind me, I get the impression that one the features which makes accountants’ lives easier is also one of the...

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