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Benoît Vanden Eynde

Product Manager, EASI
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Digiteal, the final missing link for Peppol

Digiteal acts as a Peppol access point. Adfinity integrates seamlessly with Digiteal and this enables the automation of the electronic invoicing process through Peppol.

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OCR in numbers

Optical character recognition or ORC is transforming the accounting world little by little so of course we joined the club in 2015. Ready for a little recap?

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Customer Support Statistics

Every month, information about the customer support is collected to put together statistics. These are then analysed to highlight performance indicators and measures are taken to guarantee a...

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Why using the Hotline Extranet?

The response is simple but can all the same appear paradoxical… you will be better served by using our Extranet than by calling us!

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