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Herman Clicq

Marketing Supervisor, EASI
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Backups in accounting software: Be efficient !

Not so long ago, an alarmed client came to EASI, indicating that an electrical problem had unfortunately damaged a large part of the computer room, including the production server on which Adfinity...

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Spotting a virus into the wild : Cryptowall 3.0

Last week I got face to face with a rather ugly beast in my environmental habitat. I, an occasional technical engineer unknowingly bumped into a network infected with a nasty virus: Cryptowall. Never...

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Suspicion of fraude ? EASI can track your data !

A client fed back to me the fact that their internal auditor would like to see all the modifications made on their supplier bank account data in order to ensure that there had not been any fraud. How...

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Welcome on our new website!

Welcome on our new website. For older articles about our SmartShare applications, you can surf to our blog archive.

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Safe2be, a new innovative EASI solution!

Most of you think that your data are perfectly saved and can be restored easily... For some of you, they are, but sometimes, unpredictable events occur.

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