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Backups in accounting software: Be efficient !

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Herman Clicq
Marketing Supervisor, EASI

Not so long ago, an alarmed client came to EASI, indicating that an electrical problem had unfortunately damaged a large part of the computer room, including the production server on which Adfinity was operating and his backup server which, unfortunately, was not held off-site. Nothing was available any more… it was a disaster! Unfortunately, this type of story happens regularly.


Managing backups in accounting software

Today, most of our clients store a backup of their database on, among others things, the production server. The good thing about this is to be able to restore a backup rapidly and simply in the event of bad handling or to find a piece of data that has been inadvertently removed without having to go through the IT department and apply burdensome restoration procedures.

And what if your database backup is held off-site?

Why not devise a system that allows a backup of the database and related files to be made on the production server (as is done today) and where these files are duplicated / automatically synchronised to a remote server, and all this in an ultra-simple and low-cost way.

We've done this! Safe2be for Financials allows you to have a storage space at EASI in Belgium at an ultra-secure datacentre and to synchronise a directory containing the backups and files needed for the complete restoration of the system on the production server. Whatever happens, your data is safe. It's simple, practical and inexpensive.

Safe2be also allows the complete backup of your IT infrastructures and to consider a Business Continuity solution on a larger scale. You can find more info here, or do not hesitate to contact your sales adviser.

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