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Business Card Scanning in SmartSales: a guideline

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Thomas Debouverie
Expert Software Engineer, EASI

In this article, we explain how to scan and save in the blink of an eye, all the information found on the business cards you receive, directly in your SmartSales application.

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I have misplaced my cards!

Business cards are the accessory most often found in the pockets of sales representatives. Remember our article from a few months ago? They are an effective way to expand your network and make yourself better known. Unfortunately, these cards often accumulate in wallets and are often misplaced or destroyed before we have had time to save the information they contain. Don't worry, you're not alone!

To overcome this problem, our team is pleased to present "Business Card Scanning". With this new function, scan the cards you receive directly in the application. The information found on the cards are automatically saved and easily accessible.

How does it work?

It's very simple, we've explained below the steps you need to follow:

1). Adding a new client

Go to the client view of the application and press the "Add a New Client" button. 

Print screen 1

2). Manual input or scanning

SmartSales will give you the choice to fill in the fields manually or to fill them automatically by scanning a card.

To scan a new card, press "Scan Business Card".

Print screen 2

3). Scanning  

Confirm the scan or optionally select a business card photo from your image library.

Print screen 3

4). Automatic recognition

After scanning the business card, SmartSales is able to link the fields to be filled in to the information found on the business card. 

Print screen 4

5). Make your choice

Choose the data corresponding to the field you wish to fill in. 

Print screen 5

6). Link a contact

Congratulations, you have just added a new client thanks to the Business Card Scanning feature.

You can now directly add a contact associated with the client you just created. To do so, select "Add contact from scanned business card".

Print screen 7


On your marks, get set, SCAN! 

The next time one of your customers or prospects gives you a business card, rather than putting it straight into your wallet, think of us and scan it directly into your SmartSales application.

You'll see, it will change your life ;-).

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