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Bye bye university, hello Adfinity School

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Jorne Meers

A first fulltime job and an enormous dose of enthusiasm: that is how Evelien, Quinten, Charley and I started at EASI. We had just left the school desks behind – and were totally ready for Adfinity School!

It makes perfect sense. We have general IT knowledge, of course, but learning a specific programme takes time and expertise. As there were four of us to join the Adfinity team in Flanders, we received sound training from our colleagues at once. We were fully immersed in the Adfinity School for 12 days, undergoing training on one subject: Adfinity.

Start at the beginning

Put together four curious people who have never heard of Adfinity before, and you know that you have to start with the basics of the basics. This crash course was given by our colleague Roel: from how do start the program – told you, really the basics – to creating new client accounts. But things got more complex very quickly. Fortunately, EASI is teeming with teaching talent. Our colleagues Ann, Frederik and Cédric took turns being our mentor. They normally teach clients, but we were able to take advantage of their skills as well.


Start to EASI

Although we had our hands full with Adfinity, there was a great deal to discover at EASI as well. We got to know the offices in Ghent, Leuven and Nivelles, and gradually got to know the other colleagues thanks to our morning rounds (something all colleagues do for that matter), where everyone goes round the office to greet each other. Roel also gave a brief explanation about the coffee machine (very important!) and how we could avoid short circuiting our brains by taking a break in due time. As a new employee, you can see clearly why EASI is time and again cited as the ‘Best Place To Work’. Yes, it is hard work, but in such fine working atmosphere, everyone does his or her bit. (For those who still have doubts about applying, make sure you check here whether there is a job for you. We are always looking for colleagues!).

Adfinity Examination

12 days flew by quickly. High time to check whether we had actually picked up something and our colleagues had put their valuable time to good use. We had to sit for an exam. After “cramming” for a week, we had half a day to fill in the Adfinity exam. The verdict? Everyone passed with flying colours!

Those who exert themselves will…. learn?

At EASI, learning never ceases and as brand new consultants we are ready to … learn even more! It sounds crazy to call a 12-day course a crash course. Although the main lines of Adfinity are certainly included, the training was just a drop of water in the ocean called Adfinity. Next on the agenda? Scheduling a self-study course in Windev and a lot of on-the-job training! We are relishing the thought!

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