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Cloud, a marketing hype or a reality ?

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Jean-Michel Block
Managing Partner, EASI

Four years ago, we entered in a new era: the age of cloud computing. At that moment, the main question was: is it a new marketing hype or a new standard?

Cloud computing was introduced as the solution for companies to gain flexibility (through the pay-as-you-go financial model), scalability (ability to perform large capacity or performance upgrades without having to plan them) and to reduce their use of capital (Capex vs Opex).
However, in the meantime, a lot of other questions came up:

  • what about confidentiality of data stored in the cloud
  • what about the reliability of cloud architecture
  • what about the respect for our privacy,
  • what about the ownership of the data, etc?

From the early beginning, we were convinced that the cloud model could bring a lot of added value and agility to our customers. On one hand, our customers wanted to benefit from the advantages of the cloud model but on the other hand, they were cautious about the potential risks related to it. 

That's why three years ago, EASI decided to start building its own cloud infrastructure, located in Belgium and 100% maintained by EASI's professionals. In other words, a Belgian cloud you can trust. Our new baby was born : Cloud2be.

EASI has continously invested in Cloud2be to better serve its current and new customers.

Today, more than 100 EASI customers use a least one solution powered by Cloud2be.

This means that in three years time, around 20% of our active customers benefit from one of our cloud-based solutions. This represents 10% of our annual income.

If we compare this with statistics from Eurostat, we are perfect in line. So, cloud, was it a marketing hype or a reality? I'll let you decide.

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