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Conti7 migrated to Citrix Provisioning Services in Cloud2be

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Günther Imbrechts
Senior System Engineer, EASI

This is how we migrated one of our biggest customers to a new Citrix setup in Cloud2be while keeping everything transparent and low-impact for the end user. Interested? Read on!

Last fall, Conti7 decided to migrate their entire ICT environment into our Cloud2be platform. Conti7 is a global supplier of maritime services and solutions. One part of the ICT structure was a XenApp 6.5 setup.

The path to the new Citrix environment

We decided to migrate their environment "as is". 

Why? So we could divide the migration to Cloud2be from the upgrade of their servers.

Once the migration into our cloud was completed successfully, we started building their new Citrix environment from the ground.

Provisioning Services

We opted for Citrix Provisioning Services so the customer could maintain hands-on administration and daily updates on the Application servers.

Provisioning Services is software streaming technology that easily provides patching, upgrading and configuration techniques to multiple virtual desktop and server endpoints based on shared virtual disks.

Management is centralized while lowering storage and resource costs. This technology is also supported in Cloud2be.


During the time of the migration, we provided extra storage and resources so the new environment could be setup in parallel to their current XenApp 6.5 structure.

Once everything was configured, the users were gradually migrated to the new environment, based on a test team. Later we migrated an early adopters team and finally the rest of the users. This migration was almost completely transparent and we were able to rollback at any moment during the migration process if needed.

Thanks to this Provisioning Services setup, the customer can manage his own Citrix environment while enjoying the advantages of a cloud-based server structure.

If you think that your environment is in need for some serious Citrix refreshment, don't hesitate to contact us so we can show you the way!


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