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Digiteal, the final missing link for Peppol

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Benoît Vanden Eynde
Product Manager, EASI

Digiteal acts as a Peppol access point. Adfinity integrates seamlessly with Digiteal and this enables the automation of the electronic invoicing process through Peppol.

A European standard for electronic invoicing

Early 2019 we made the following announcement: The European Commission wants electronic invoicing to become the most widespread invoicing method in the European Union. It therefore obliges the contracting parties to accept and process electronic invoices when they comply with the established European standard.

Everything is described in the European Directive 2014/55 / UE on electronic invoicing.

We think that this legislative amendment will not only apply to invoicing to and from the Flemish Government, but in the future also to all invoices to and from, for example, your customers and suppliers.

Adfinity is one step ahead

The solution has been able to process eFFF files since 2018. These are structured electronic invoices (in XML format according to the PEPPOL bis standard).

With Digiteal we go one step further by automating this process. Adfinity integrates perfectly with Digiteal, which functions as a Peppol access point. Digiteal sends and receives electronic invoices via Peppol.

Your sales invoices are sent directly to your customers via Peppol from Adfinity, without manual intervention. And purchase invoices from your suppliers are automatically received and imported into Adfinity, again without manual intervention.

You no longer have to log in to a portal to process electronic invoices manually. Be part of this digital transformation and contact your consultant for more information.

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