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Discover Custom Lists : SmartSales latest feature

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Marion Descamps
Marketing Officer

The new version of SmartSales (v3.5) will be released on the 9th of July 2020 with a new functionality : custom lists. Discover in this article everything you need to know about the last SmartSales addition !

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What is custom lists?

This brand-new feature, available in the Clients and Catalog modules, will allow you to save your favorite combinations of filters and create customized views (with specific filters, sorting parameters, displayed details, ...).
Instead of having to keep entering the same filter's parameters, you can now access your favorite customized lists in one click.

The custom lists feature will be available on the web and mobile versions of both iOS and Android devices.

How does it work ? 

We have explained below everything you need to know to help you get the most of this new functionality.

Create a new list 

Simply access the "Filters" button like you would in the current version of SmartSales. Enter your parameters (country, turnover, sorting options, ...) and click on "Show results".

1-3Custom Lists on Web Manager - Clients Module

Your clients list is now filtered with the parameters you've entered.

Happy with the selected filters? Great. You can create a new custom list by clicking on "Save as new" and even give it a name. 

5Custom Lists on iPad - Clients Module

Tip : The by-default option will allow you to create maximum 2 different custom lists. Do not hesitate to contact your consultant if you want to extend this formula. 

Access your custom lists 

When entering the Clients module, you'll notice a dropdown on top of your usual client's list. This is the place you'll find all of your custom lists, but also your by-default list (showing all clients). You just have to select the custom list you wish to access and ... there you go!

42Custom Lists on iPad - Catalog Module

Edit an existing custom list

To edit an existing custom list, you first have to select it. You can then enter the filter mode by clicking on the "Filter" icon. From there, add, delete and/or modify filters and click on "See results". You can then save your changes.
If you don't, you'll lose the modifications you've made.  

2-1Custom Lists on iPad - Clients Module

Team leaders, you can create lists for your sales

As team leader, you can also create custom lists directly from the Web Manager to help your sales teams on the field. 
If you want, you can even prevent untimely modifications of the lists you've created. 
It means that your sales representatives are still allowed to modify the filters' parameters, but the "Save" option will not be available to them.

Nonetheless, your sales representatives will still be able to register changes made to a custom list. All they have to do is select it, apply their changes and save it as a new one

Note : this feature is only available for advanced licenses. Interested in sharing your custom lists with your sales? Contact us to upgrade your license. 

How do I get custom lists?

It will be available in the v3.5 that will be released on the 9th of July.

Simply update your mobile app (available on iPad, Android Tablets and iOS phones), or log into the Web Manager to start using it. 

Note that custom lists are now only available for Clients and Catalog modules ... For now :). 

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