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Discovering the value of SmartSales as an outsider

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Gabriel Schnackers
Channel Developer, EASI

Thanks to the immersion program that I am currently pursuing in the scope of my final Master year at university, I have had the opportunity to integrate the SmartSales team of EASI since October 2017.

Being interested in the information technology sector, I was ready and motivated to learn a lot and face new challenges – namely developing the internationalization process of SmartSales to Germany. In order to tap into new markets, EASI is looking to develop lasting relationships with distributors of their solution who operate in their home market, close to the final customer. As an ‘outsider’, I wanted to share my thoughts on why I think becoming a distributor of SmartSales is interesting.

A user-friendly, innovative product

Obviously, when licensing a product, a potential partner has to be convinced about it. So what makes SmartSales so special, according to me? Besides offering high value-adding features for the clients, SmartSales’ leitmotiv is its user-friendliness. Starting from the point of view of the sales representative on the field, the product is meant to be a complementary tool for his/her daily interactions with his/her clients. One does not want a complex system that burdens the communication with the interlocutor.

Indeed, SmartSales offers a modern and attractive way of interaction with clients that still leaves place for the most important element of business – the human component. Moreover, the user can customize SmartSales to an important degree directly via the web manager, which makes it a unique and powerful tool to operate with.

EASI: more than a partner

At EASI, the human component is an important aspect as well. By investing a lot of effort in their collaborators, EASI indirectly assures a high satisfaction rate with their partners and clients. Working as a distributor with the company does not only reap financial benefits, but also creates space for innovation, idea sharing and passionate exchanges about IT related topics. Something that struck me as an outsider when first entering the building was the conviction with which people come to work at EASI. In everything they do, they want to max out the potential of it.

Sharing success In comparison to the established position that EASI has on Belgian market today, SmartSales is still a relatively young project of the company. However, the product is beginning to show its true potential. Today, after only a short period of time, SmartSales is already being commercialized on several markets.

EASI invites potential partners to be part of this growth cycle and to profit from the experience. In return, they are looking for commitment and engagement from partners. In my humble opinion, this is the perfect opportunity to accept a new challenge, grow an existing business and create new and exciting business relationships in the meanwhile.

How EASI envisions a cooperation

EASI wants to be a real partner for its distributors.

What does this mean?


After signing the partnership contract, EASI’s main concern is to help new partners establish themselves as distributors. Besides teaching how to properly highlight the value-adding elements of the solution, EASI helps partners get their first clients.


Becoming a business partner is coupled to the fact that EASI offers support of many kinds: marketing material, hotline with privileged access, and a designated contact person handles questions.

Business development

EASI goes as far as to offer to help their partners in different tasks, such as co-financing events, marketing campaigns or sending guest speakers for conferences.

To summarize it all, EASI is a reliable and strong partner that tries to be as available and accessible as possible. Becoming a SmartSales distributor is highly rewarding, both financially and in terms of experience.

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