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Do I still need a dedicated 3rd party anti-spam if I am using Office 365?

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Jérémy Derzelle
Expert System Engineer, EASI

In February of last year, I wrote an article explaining the importance of having a dedicated 3rd party anti-spam for Office 365.

Has anything changed since then? Is it still valuable in 2020? Let's find out together. 

If you don't have the time to read last year's article or you have difficulties recalling its conclusion, let me refresh your memory. 
Basically, built-in Office 365 protections are not that great. We then advised you to invest in a dedicated anti-spam solution to ensure an enterprise grade protection.

That was the conclusion in 2019. Where are we now?

The test: Office 365 is still not doing great

Like last year, SELabs published a study for the first quarter of 2020.
Let's analyze the results together, shall we?

exec-summary* Total Accuracy Ratings combine protection and false positives.

We see right away that even with Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Office 365 does not score well. Same goes for Google G Suite Business, which is another major Email SaaS service.

On the other end, dedicated solutions like FortiMail (on which our AntiSpam-as-a-Service solution is based), recorded excellent results.

Digging deeper

Results are even more convincing if we analyze FortiMail (ASaaS) and Office 365 (with and without ATP) results a little deeper.




What do we see?

  • Phishing is the weakest point of Office 365.
  • Social engineering is a difficult one to stop, all solution scored between 68% and 85%.
  • Malware protection in Office 365 is below average.
  • The FortiMail Solution offers unmatched protection (92% protection)


Little has changed since last year. A dedicated 3rd party protection for your email is still required if you use Office 365, even if you have ATP.

When choosing your solution, beware that not all are made equal.

Our EASI ASaaS, based on top player FortiMail, is one that wont disappoint you! It is tuned by our experts and hosted in our Cloud2be infrastructure in Belgium.

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