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e-FFF as from version 5.52

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Herman Clicq
Marketing Supervisor, EASI

e-Invoicing is a hot topic these days. EASI decided to no longer wait to adapt Adfinity.

As from version 5.52, it will be possible to send invoices as pdf-files by email, and join the corresponding e-FFF file automatically. This file is needed for your customer to be able to book the invoice electronically.

When you receive e-FFF files, you will have the possibility to import them in Adfinity and as such accellerate the booking.

The e-FFF format used by EASI is based on the European model that will be used later for the integration with PEPPOL.

We still need to wait a while for a full PEPPOL integration, but we can already announce that EASI started a partnership with Codabox to assure the exchange of the files.

Information about e-FFF: http://www.e-fff.be/NL/p03.php
Information about PEPPOL: https://www.codabox.com/codabox-erkend-als-peppol-access-point-groen-licht-van-de-vlaamse-regering/

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