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EASI donates laptops to Leuven Leert

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Linde Declercq
Corporate Communication

EASI regularly donates its old laptops to charities. But what do you do when the old laptops have already been handed out?

The situation of EASI

Lessons at school have been suspended. Meanwhile teachers continue to teach from a distance. Unfortunately, home schooling is not a given to everyone. Many children and young people do not have access to the right material or tools.

I hear you thinking. An IT company, is probably filled with laptops, right? Of course you're right. But those are the laptops our people work on. And as coincidence has it, we have recently renewed all our laptops.

We gave our own employees the opportunity to take over their old devices and all the others were donated to charity - as we always do.

Leuven helpt

With our Flemish headquarters in Leuven, we feel a special connection with the city. It currently bundles all requests for help via a central online platform: Leuven Helpt. On this platform, questions for help and volunteers or donors are brought into contact with each other.

Leuven Leert is part of that platform and helps to get sufficient ICT material to the Leuven schools. They then distribute the material to their pupils to avoid them falling behind in their learning.


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Today we're in such a unique situation, we felt we couldn't stay behind after all. At this moment there are no old laptops to give, so we decided to donate our small stock of new laptops to children in need.

We are aware this is a small gesture, but hopefully it will make a difference for some children tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and later on.

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