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EASI Financials becomes Adfinity

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Florence Cooreman
Corporate communication

EASI's financial management software, reference in the medium-sized companies market for more than 15 years, gets a makeover. Major updates, a new look & feel and a new name: the latest version of our accounting program comes with some great surprises. Changing the name of such a well-known software is a challenge. At EASI, rather than frighten us, this challenge boosted and inspired us to create more than another version : a new identity.

More than a name, a new brand

By choosing the name Adfinity, the marketing and management teams launch a strong message : there is a new brand in the EASI family, now clearly separated from the name of the company and in line with the rest of the EASI products and services range.
It all started with our desire to avoid any confusion between the financial software and the company’s name. More than that, this new version is much more complete and flexible software available on the market. To mark this crucial step in the program’s life, the rebranding was inevitable.

Why Adfinity?

If the software is an accounting tool above all, it also allows the company to go much further in the financial processes management.  Chargeback between companies, consolidation, analytical accounting management... The accountant profession is constantly evolving, and Adfinity accompanies them in these new challenges. It is this notion of an 'Advanced' program that you can find in the new name.

We obviously wanted to keep a reference to the "Financials" word, even if it is now more discrete. The reference software in Belgium for nearly 20 years has built its reputation on its accounting features. It logically remains at the heart of our new version.

Finally, day after day, the job of an accountant is evolving. Digitization, automation: while the content of the profession used to be largely focused on the data encoding and controlling, the notion of true consultant now appears. Purely technical tasks will slowly disappear. Logically, the financial management software must evolve as well. Adaptable to each project and a forerunner in a series of innovations (OCR, automation and digitalization), Adfinity fits to each request, its possibilities are endless. This is the concept of "Infinity", which closes the new name.

What about tomorrow?

Encoding and searching for accounting data still takes a very important place in the accountant’s function. With Adfinity, automation of financial processes is going further and further. The business can evolve towards more consultancy and decision-making. In terms of dematerialization and reporting, we absolutly want to stay precursors.

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