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EASI goes to Limburg!

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Linde Declercq
Corporate Communication

To Genk to be exact. This month we opened our office there and our consultants are very proud of this new home!

Johan Tournet, Business Unit Manager & Partner at EASI, is a good friend of Breght Evens, the CEO of Vaimo BeNeLux. This is how EASI ended up at the Genk C-mine site. A year and a half ago, the first plans were made to set up a joint office.



You can read the article by EASI and Vaimo in Het Belang Van Limburg on MadeInLimburg or in Het Laatste Nieuws. .

It's about time

For both Vaimo and EASI, the new office comes at the right time. "When Breght and I met again about a year and a half ago, we noticed that there was an opportunity to open an office together. Johan of EASI explains. "Our Leuven site is bursting at the seams and although our Limburg consultants often work with clients, having their own office feels like a real home base for them."

Breght: "Since the very start 1.5 years ago, Vaimo was located in the C-mine crib in Genk, where many startups are located. Until today. It became too cramped. We needed more space to accommodate future colleagues."

Opportunities for local talent

"Genk is the ideal operating base for our consultants in Limburg," says Johan. "Moreover, we attach great importance to a good work-life balance. EASI has been Best Employer for five years in a row. Our people are the most important asset we have. Satisfied employees automatically ensure satisfied customers. It is therefore logical that we are very committed in pursuing happiness at work. Many people from our province commute to Brussels every day, while they can also develop their talents close to home. That's why our companies consciously choose to give opportunities to local talent."

Wondering what our new office will look like?

Be sure to keep an eye on our blog. Soon we will give a look behind the scenes!

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