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EASI going 'meta' with TCM Belgium!

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Sven Dereze
Sales and Credit Manager at TCM Belgium

Our accounting software Adfinity has been integrated with the software of debt collection agency TCM Belgium for many years. This partnership has recently been brought to a whole new level thanks to the proprietary API connection between Adfinity and TCM's systems.

Infinite benefits thanks to Adfinity and the API connection with TCM Belgium

Adfinity significantly reduces your administrative hassle, which is why we would like to extend this service to the follow-up of your unpaid invoices. It is undoubtedly true that you can probably still collect a large proportion of your overdue payments by using Adfinity's standard functionality for unpaid invoices (such as automatic payment reminders). Yet it can also happen that - in spite of endless reminders and telephone calls - certain invoices remain unpaid. In such circumstances, you should probably call on a debt collection agency, such as TCM.

TCM Belgium has a secure online platform that, through various channels, allows creditors, employees and partners to pass on, consult and comment on files etc. 24 hours a day - from the comfort of your sofa or behind a desk, as well as anywhere in the world. In this way, up-to-date and transparent operation is guaranteed.

We are delighted to announce that we have put in place an API connection between Adfinity and this TCM platform, which means that the transfer of files can be done with just a single click. So no more manual research and collection of invoices, reminders and summaries of telephone calls with consequent loss of time, because Adfinity will generate the complete file and immediately forward all the necessary information in structured format to TCM. Not a single detail gets lost, meaning the expression "Lost in translation" is clearly a thing of the past!

Good preparation is everything: tips & tricks to facilitate the debt collection process

TCM Belgium believes in the benefits of sharing knowledge and know-how, both within its own TCM Group network and in relation to clients and external parties. A creditor who passes on a file with clear general terms and conditions, correct debtor contact details, personal demands for payments, etc., significantly facilitates a successful collection process. In addition, discussions with debtors who are aware of their rights and (payment) obligations are equally productive. So here are a number of obvious, but important, tips:

Make sure you always have up-to-date contact information (contact number, e-mail address, postal address, possible VAT number, etc.).

  • Assurez-vous de pouvoir prouver la manière dont la facture a été livrée (par la poste/le courrier, etc... ).
  • Il est conseillé d'indiquer clairement les conditions générales sur votre facture (la référence à un lien n'est pas suffisante) et de les faire signer, afin qu'il n'y ait aucun doute quant à leur contenu.
  • Les coûts et les intérêts doivent être clairement spécifiés dans vos conditions générales.
  • Vos conditions générales doivent remplir une condition importante, à savoir le principe de réciprocité (pour les entreprises B2C et B2B depuis 2020).

  • Ensure you can prove how the invoice has been delivered (by post/e-mail etc.).
  • The general terms and conditions should be clearly stated on your invoice (reference to a link is not sufficient) and signed off, so that no discussion can arise about knowledge of these terms and conditions.
  • Costs and interest should be very clearly specified in your general terms and conditions.
  • Your general terms and conditions need to meet an important condition, namely that of the 1 reciprocity principle (for both B2C and B2B business since 2020).

About TCM

Thanks to the TCM Group network, TCM enhances the financial position of companies through ethical, professional and efficient recovery of claims in Belgium, as well as almost anywhere in the world. TCM has been in business since 1993, in the process developing numerous partnerships with various federations and assisting more than 2,000 clients, both SMEs and multinationals, in the collection of their unpaid invoices.

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