People make the difference

‘We are very honored to receive this award,’ says CEO Thomas Van Eeckhout. ‘As an IT-company we invest a lot in our relationships with our clients. But the base for great customer and partner relationships lies in attracting the right employees.”

In his interview Thomas explained that it is the image that EASI cultivates as an employer that enables the company to attract and hire the best profiles on the market. By offering newcomers clear perspectives so that they can develop their careers, they remain motivated. As a result, they continue to work for EASI, which in turn benefits the relationship with the customers. 


Continuity as a mark of trust  

For Thomas Van Eeckhout, two elements differentiate EASI from the competition: continuity and stability. "The retention of our employees enables us to offer our customers the much appreciated continuity and stability. By combining these two elements with our expertise, we are able to meet the specific needs of our customers.” 

EASI impressed the jury 

EASI managed to convince the jury the most in this category, thanks in part to the strong results it was able to present due to its rapid growth, its bold ambition and some impressive new customer references. The jury also had an appreciation for the numerous acquisitions carried out by EASI over the last year. As a result, EASI is now well represented in every part of the country.

For EASI, the arrival of Covid-19 also meant opportunities, says Thomas Van Eeckhout. "While many IT companies have decided to put their recruitment processes on hold, we have seized the opportunity to attract the best talent currently available on the market,"

Containment has also not hindered EASI's ambitions in terms of acquisitions. "As soon as a market opportunity presents itself, we do not hesitate to embark on an acquisition process. For us, this is a way broaden our field of expertise and the added value we can bring to our customers," says Thomas Van Eeckhout. He ads, “However, we are not naïve, there is an economic recession coming, and we will certainly feel it. Nevertheless, our ambitions and plans for the future remain the same."

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