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EASI is VMware Cloud Verified

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Linde Declercq
Corporate Communication

We are the first IT company in Belgium to achieve the VMware Cloud Verified status.


What does this mean?

This is very special since there are only 65 other partners around the world with similar offerings.

If you want to host your cloud in a validated VMware environment, we can offer you the most complete cloud platform with Cloud2be. All products are validated and optimized to work together seamlessly.

More information

Read our full press release here:

>> NL https://www.easi.net/nl/press/easi-behaalt-als-eerste-belgische-provider-het-vmware-cloud-verified-statuut

>> FR https://www.easi.net/fr/press/easi-est-le-premier-fournisseur-en-belgique-obtenir-le-statut-vmware-cloud-verified


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