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EASI participates in Week van het Werkgeluk

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Linde Declercq
Corporate Communication

Being happy at work is very important to us. Watch the video message of Thomas explaining why.

Watch the video of Thomas here 

The boundary between work and private life is becoming increasingly blurred. So it's important that we feel good at work as well. Discover the message from Thomas here. 

What does it mean to be happy?

We believe that being happy is the key to realizing your dreams.

To facilitate that happiness at work, we have identified 5 needs of employees. As an employer, EASI does everything in its power to facilitate these elements.

But happiness at work is not something you create in one day, Thomas explains. "We try to support our people as much as possible throughout the year. As you can see, it's about much more than a one-off event. One of the activities we organise every year is the Recognition Day. Of course, it's all about one of our five values. Recognition.

Because we are celebrating our 20th anniversary this year, we invited all 230 employees for a whole weekend out. The perfect time to relax with the whole EASI family to get to know each other even better."

Soon, more about that trip on this blog, but if anyone wants to learn more about our corporate culture and our values they can follow Thomas' workshop on 8 October.  


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