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EASI requalifies as Best Managed Company for the third time in a row

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Linde Declercq
Corporate Communication

EASI has retained the Best Managed Companies label. Read on for more information. An independent jury recognised EASI for its clear strategy, extensive expertise, commitment, and financial performance. The Best Managed Companies programme supports resilient entrepreneurship and sustainable growth, qualities that are even more relevant in the midst of uncertainty, such as the COVID-19 crisis.

3rd time in a row

EASI is very proud of the recognition it receives for the 3rd time in a row. Jean-François Herremans, CEO of EASI explains. “Retaining the Best Managed Companies quality label recognises our resilience, organisational agility, and strong team spirit. We are committed to continuing to achieve the highest standards of business performance and thrive, even amid uncertainty. And we are honoured to remain part of this community of Belgian privately owned and controlled companies.”

Interesting international label 

“The fact that it already has been rolled out in several countries is interesting,” says Jean-François. “The Best Managed Company label denotes quality and excellence. In countries where we do business like the Netherlands or even Canada, other organizations recognize this label. It allows us to prove a level of establishment and promise a level of quality.”

About Best Managed Companies

The Best Managed Companies programma was launched in 2017 by Deloitte Private in collaboration with Econopolis. The programme aims to provide guidance and recognition for Belgian privately owned and managed companies which achieve excellent results.

The globally proven framework is used to assess their leadership qualities and practices in the areas of strategy, talent, drive and financial performance. Companies wishing to participate in the programme must have a turnover exceeding €10 million. They must have been established for at least 5 years, with over 25 full-time employees and a majority stake (> 60%) owned by a Belgian resident, person or entity. The company's HQ or a major decision centre must also be located in Belgium. The companies must also be fully compliant from a legal, tax and ethical perspective.

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