4 things you didn't know about the kick-off

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Florence Cooreman
Corporate communication

You have read, heard and seen thousands of pictures about it. You heard the word “kick-off” on your first day at EASI. You think about your outfit and launch yourself into a special sport/diet program 3 months in advance (or is it just me?). But what makes it so special? Yes, we do eat great food, enjoy amazing shows and dance all night long.  However, it doesn’t even begin to define this event.

Here are some of the biggest well-guarded secrets about our legendary kick-off:

1. The evening doesn’t start when we receive our first glass of champagne. As we all sleep in the same hotel near our event location, we all first meet at the lobby before taking the shuttle. We compare our outfits, check that everyone respects the dress code and talk about this one’s new girlfriend or this one’s new house. That’s when it all begins.

2. We see our colleagues in a new light. Our calm and serious office mates transform themselves into acrobatic dancer, outstanding copycat or even wine expert. We also discover the one-man-show competences of our dear managers. Improvisation, little theatrical performances, hosting of the award & reward ceremonies... All of it with a headset microphone and / or a GoPro camera on the forehead. With a lot of preparation and some repetitions, our serious bosses become stand-up experts for one night.

3. It’s 3AM. The last party animals are still on the dancefloor or at the bar. The music goes down, the lights are back on and the last glasses are served. You think the party is over? Well…That’s not how we see it. Some will go for an early post-kick-off debrief in the nearest bar or the lobby of our hotel, some other will go for a fresh walk around the Brussels streets to enjoy some well deserved French fries.

4. We laugh all night long during the kick-off. Colleagues stories told to the wives and husbands, pretty original dance moves and secret revelations. However, the funniest part remains the breakfast at the hotel the morning after. You know why ;-).

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