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5 reasons why our collaborators are true Olympic champions

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Florence Cooreman
Corporate communication

The EASIers are top-notch collaborators. But they are way more than that: high-level performances, impressive concentration, hours of preparation and training, great team spirit: at EASI, we work all year long with athletes. We like people animated by a sporting spirit!

1. The coaches

Coached by a former professional football player who turned successful entrepreneur, Salvatore Curaba, the EASI athletes are trained day after day, year after year, to stay on top of their level. Latest innovations, new technologies, interesting exhibitions and fulfilling trips: the managers/coaches of the company make everything in their power to help us to go beyond our limits every day.

2. Training

A client meeting needs preparation. Lots of preparation. Our sales rep, project manager, developers and managers train just as hard as top athletes: case research, anticipation of requests, productive feedback and valuable follow-up throughout the year. A client appointment is like a memorable sport performance: at his best, an EASIer develops all his skills and will always find a way to surprise his collaborators, clients and competitors.

3. The environment

For an athlete to be able to give everything he’s got, and even go beyond his limits when needed, he must evolve in an exceptional environment. Team games in the "Feel Good" room, relaxation in the “Lounge” room, fruits and soups available all year long or even the possibility to enjoy a hairdresser appointment @work: the support team does an incredible work so our athletes cultivate a healthy mind in a healthy body.

4. Their greatest challenger? Themselves!

What do we wake up for? Challenge. Adventure. Competition. We are players and we’re here to win. Each day, we face our biggest competitor: ourselves. We never stop learning from our mistakes and use our energy to beat our own records. We know we aren’t perfect but we fight a little more each day to improve our performances, get the gold medal. Win a deal, get a new project or provide an innovative solution: whatever the challenge, it will make us stronger.

5. Team Spirit

Our company athletes could not achieve their objectives all alone. Efforts are made in team with a common goal. Therefore, mutual assistance and information sharing are key values in our team.

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