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EASI remains the Best Workplace in Belgium

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Florence Cooreman
Corporate communication

We are once again the happiest workers in Belgium (<500 employees). Following the analysis of the EASI application file and an internal survey, the title, awarded by the Great Place to Work ® Institute in collaboration with the Vlerick Business School, was presented last night during the awards Gala.

This year, EASI focused its efforts on its Flanders development.

Happy employees, both North and South.

The year 2017 was marked by many innovations at the heart of the EASI strategy. If we remain true to our founding values, we never stop questioning ourselves. This is why 2017 was marked by the Flemish challenge: the Dutch-speaking collaborators, based in Leuven and Ghent, were more than never interested in taking EASI parts. This participatory business model is now represented on a fair basis in each part of the country. "These partners-collaborators are real locomotives for the company. The fact that there is a majority of Dutch-speakers in the new 2017 shareholders group reveals our current priority: boost EASI Vlaanderen and attract the northern talents" says Laurent Delime, HR Manager.

In line with this policy, EASI acquired Into IT in 2017, an IT Security company based in Ghent.

Our secret? 'Thank you'

As Salvatore Curaba regularly reminds us, "our financial success is not a goal, it is a consequence of our management policy." EASI grows but we remain faithful to our founding values. The concept of "recognition" is at the heart of management's concerns. Through the possibility of becoming a partner once a collaborator reaches two years of seniority, but not only. Every year a recognition day is organized by the HR department. Caterer, coach FIFA and kicker, relaxation session and party: everything is planned to thank the staff for the work provided throughout the year. Salvatore Curaba states, however, that we devote a whole day to the end of June to say thank you. This attracts the press attention and we hope to inspire other companies to pay attention to this value. However, to feel happy at work, recognition must be felt on a daily basis. We underestimate the power of a "Thank you".

We should all  make compliments much more often, it is the secret of a serene professional environment. ».

A unique model

"EASI is no longer my company. This is our company. The number of co-shareholders has risen from 4 to 41. 25% of the collaborators are now Partners " says Salvatore Curaba.

A unique management model in Belgium, which considerably strengthens the relationship between employees and employer. This model speaks to the collaborators with an entrepreneurial state of mind. They have the opportunity to invest in their professional project and in the strategic decisions of the company. 

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