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Kitchen Meeting 2016

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Filip Van Hove
Marketing Officer, EASI

Thursday 23/06 I experienced my first kitchen meeting at EASI, and to be more precise: my first kitchen meeting … ever!

A little history lesson for everybody: the kitchen meeting has stolen its name from the tradition of the event. In the beginning this meeting -where we review the results of first semester of the year- always took place in the kitchen. Nothing fancy. Just a review with a drink and little party. That’s it. No need to spend money at the infancy stage of a company.

But over the years, the kitchen meeting has evolved and has become a real corporate event with catering, speeches & a party.
Before the event I didn’t know what to expect to be honest. But as I got to know the company more and more over the last few months, I recognized that at EASI, people like to party! The expectations were high, to say the least.

As always it was a very enjoyable evening. We decided to do the event in our offices in Nivelles in the shadows of the new building. We first enjoyed (a lot) of champagne, wine, etc. so we were already in the mood for a nice party. After some drinks we got an amazing speech from Salvatore, CEO of EASI where he talked about the results of EASI and about the future of EASI.
(Sidenote: The future of EASI is looking bright. Big plans as usual and we are determined to achieve all of our goals! )

Afterwards we enjoyed a delicious meal. The weather was not ideal for a party. It changed from being unbearably hot to raining like it was never going to stop. But nevertheless we had an amazing party and we connected again with people of different offices and just in general had a good time.

Thank you EASI for doing these amazing parties and I hope these continue over the next coming years! :-) EASI is clearly a Great Place To Work

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