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Our first month as EASIers

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Florence Cooreman
Corporate communication

Let us introduce ourselves: we’re Vinciane and Florence, the 2 new marketing advisors. Our mission? Help Herman, our supervisor, getting things done. Google Analytics, Blog posts writing, lay-out of multiple documents, event organization, social media and PR management, marketing campaigns, amongst (lots) of other things. But more importantly, we’re here to increase the women percentage of the company!

In one month, what have we learned?

SmartMail, SmartSales, EASI Financials, Cloud2be & Safe2be and all the internal tools... Our first days were a little intense with meetings and trainings all day long to learn everything about those products. That helped us feeling more implicated and inspired for new blog articles. Let us one more month and we’ll become experts ;-)!

We’re also busy organizing the next big EASI event. What an adventure! Along with Sandra, our administration advisor, we are paying attention to every little details to make this evening very special for our colleagues and clients.

As you already know, EASI is a company that offers quality cutting edge products. But it’s also an enterprise made of people enjoying all good things of life. Kicker and FIFA games during the lunch, friday afternoon drinks, birthday candies every two days: we are already hooked on the EASI way of life!

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