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Team Adelante raised 10.000 € for Kom op Tegen Kanker

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Herman Clicq
Marketing Supervisor, EASI

Like last year, EASI took the opportunity to support the “Ontbijtactie” of team Adelante to benefit Kom Op Tegen Kanker. Sophie Geuens, one of the members of this nice initiative, sent us an article about their experiences this year. 

“A short presentation of who we are: Team Adelante is founded in 2011 by Pieterjan Deraeve, an active member of the choir Adelante. When we were abruptly confronted by the effects of cancer on some of our closest friends and relatives, we decided to do something.

That is why in 2011, we participated for the first time in the 1000km of Kom op Tegen Kanker. That’s right, we took up the challenge to bike 1000 kilometers in four days! That is eight stages of 125 km. To do so, we had to raise € 5.000 for each team that wanted to participate. Pieterjan, the driving force behind our participation in the 1000 kilometers, called in the help of the members and friends of his choir. Together, we organized our first “Ontbijtactie” in the city of Leuven.

We started out small, with about 300 breakfasts delivered in the city of Leuven. This year however, our goal was to deliver 1.500 breakfasts on April 17th, which we achieved! An unexpected and pleasant surprise occurred during this edition. Goedele Wachters, the news anchor and godmother of Kom op Tegen Kanker, chose Team Adelante to lend a hand :-). 

Team Adelante as well has evolved over those five years. At first, it was Pieterjan Deraeve who completed the 1000 km bikerace by himself. Today, Team Adelante consists of about twelve active members. Together we managed to raise € 10.000 in order to participate with two teams on the 25th of May till the 28th. All these years we could improve thanks to the support of amazing volunteers and of course al the companies who believe in our event.

The money we raise is used for scientific research on the combination of different therapies. More treatments against cancer are being developed. Of course that is a good thing. But how can we combine treatments such as chemotherapy, immune therapy, specific medication and hormonal treatments in order to get the best results? Find out more about our team on www.ontbijtactie.net and http://www.1000km.be/team/adelante.” 

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