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Top 3 tips to throw an epic business event

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Florence Cooreman
Corporate communication

Last week, we threw two major business events. One was dedicated to our partners, the other one to our customers. As usual, there are no words to describe both of these nights. Smile on our guests face, stars in the eyes of our colleagues, laughs all around the tables: we couldn’t be more proud!

The main goal of these events was to let our partners and customers discover our brand new building. We wanted them to discover our work environment. The EASI spirit is now everywhere around us: glass walls, modern architecture combined with a simple and elegant decoration... We’ve paid attention to every little details.

If you were there on Thursday 15th or Friday 16th September, you probably: cross the path of a famous magician, get a VIP tour of our offices with one of our watchful Sales Reps, learn through our CEO and Founder’s speech how to link employees happiness with your company’s performances, taste exclusive Belgian beers, drive a dream Mercedes, listen a to a high-standard live Jazz band,...

Finally, our guests entered into the magical world of fire show. A creative artists band offered us a one-of-a-kind show which included the launch of human cannonball on our roof and our EASI logo on fire up in the sky!

But how do we achieve such prestigious events without any agencies behind us? One name: Sandra, our Administration advisor was also the event responsible.

Sandra, how do you manage to organize such amazing events?

1.    Before:

While organizing an event, I live for scripts and briefings! If I had to give only one advise, it would be this one: put everything in 3 scripts. One for the installation and preparation. In this one we’ll find the arrival time, contacts and briefing planned for every provider. Antoher one for D-DAY (what will happen when and with who). Every members of the organization team as well as every provider must have received one copy of this script. And finally one for the dissembling day: who will come when to take its material back?

2.    The event:

Even if you’re well prepared and ready for the show, you’ll have the feeling that you’re running everywhere and you’re late for so many things. Don’t worry. That’s 100% normal. You just have to remain calm and breath.
Once everything is on track, the guests have arrived and the catering has started, don’t forget to… Enjoy!

3.    After:

Once again, coordination and scripts are your best friends. If you need help to clean everything up the next day or right after the event, don’t forget to ask your colleagues to help you so they can block their agendas.
Finally, all you've left to do is organizing a internal debriefing to be ready to organize an even more spectacular event the next time ;-)!

Thanks for your tips Sandra!

Once again, we would like to thank our guests for their presence and smiles, our collaborators for organizing not one but two great evenings, and of course our sponsors Veeam, Mathieu Gijbels, Mercedes and Arrow for their support.


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