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‘Ze Maken ons kapot, Meneer’ – HR To the rescue

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Filip Van Hove
Sales Representative Adfinity, EASI

EASI had the privilege to be interviewed multiple times by Author and Journalist Geert Degrande. The reason being that EASI has ideas about happiness at work that are worth spreading. Little did we know that Geert was simultaneously doing research for his new book that just came out: “Ze maken ons kapot, meneer”.

Geert Degrande, who has interviewed Salvatore Curaba already multiple times has written a book about happiness at work. Geert, together with his co-authors Joan De Winne and Rebekka Rogiest felt that the levels of depression and burn-out were so high & rising that they HAD to act on it. 

There are 2 main causes for the burn-out rates:

The first is the mental resistance of every individual employee.
The second, and maybe even more important is the leadership styles and culture that companies have in place.

Geert and his co-authors have done extensive research about burn-out, depression, stress at work and came back with these results. 

Not only does the book analyse the causes of these problems but the book is also packed with solutions to help both individuals and organizations to raise their happiness levels at work. 
More specifically the book handles topics such as how to get a group of people together to be happy and have a sense of belonging whilst still going after audacious goals. 

They found out some very interesting things: how leadership style affects employees, how caring for employees can have an impact, and much much more. In the book, you can also find dozens of practical tips leaders of organizations can use to benefit from happier employees. 

When I heard about the book I called up Geert and asked about the book and how we can use it to improve our processes at EASI. He responded: “You don’t have to worry, 95% of what’s in the book is already in place at your organization”. This might the reason why we became the best employer of both 2015 & 2016...

But even us, as best employer of the year still had things to learn from the book. 

The book is stuffed with practical information, tips and has been supported by research done in the most prestigious universities. 

I think it would be a great idea for many executives to read the book. If you are interested you can find the book here