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Everything you wish you knew before sending these unanswered emails

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Brice Feron
Sales Representative, EASI

We, in the Sales world, all know that feeling. You’re facing your screen. Waiting to get the inspiration. Hoping to write the sentence that will make all the difference. Find the tone of voice that will make your prospect consider you.

To avoid this uncomfortable situation, we’re glad to share our tips to send the correct prospecting email. We’re not saying that we guarantee a response, even less a positive one, but you surely would have done what you have to do, and in the best possible way. 

Do not send it

Our first advice is the most logical one: try your best to get in touch with your contact by phone or in a networking event for example. Not by email! Your odds to launch a conversation are quite small. Use our call tips to get your interlocutor on the phone and work your magic.

Get the right address

If you find yourself with no other choice that sending that damned email, do it right!

Never send anything to an “info@xxx” email address. You're just shooting yourself in the foot. It reveals the fact that you had no previews contact with the company or one of its collaborators. Nothing good will come out of that.  You have multiple ways to find your contact’s email address. One of the most efficient one being online tools like Hunter.io.

Polish your content

Time to shoot this email! Be particularly careful with:

  • The email object. 69 % of email readers signal a spam based on its object only.
    • You have a contact in common? Talk about him.
    • Mention the added value of your solution 
  • Arouse his/her interest with your first words. Don’t be too classical / boring. Avoid being too friendly as well. Adapt your tone of voice to the company style. Make some research before starting to write. You’ll not talk to an investment bank the same way you’ll with a tech start-up.
  • The first line of your text should be about your interlocutor. Find the way to put him at the center of your attention as from the first sentence. Use LinkedIn to get to know him/her. Which group does he or she follows? What are the last publications he or she liked?
  • Don’t forget to KISS: Keep It Short & Simple. You don’t want to waste time and neither does your reader. Keep that in mind! There is a big chance your email will be read on a mobile device. If the person has to scroll for several seconds before getting your point, you're out.

Never sell anything by email

It is not going to happen.

What you are trying to get is some information about your prospect so you will be able to elaborate a tailored sales strategy. You're willing to launch the conversation. The big goal here? Scheduling a meeting. Get a chance to discuss face to face, understand their situation and why/how you could help them. Once you have a confirmed date for an appointment, you have made a huge part of the road (if you are a excellent sales representative, of course).

Stay available

Finish your email by insisting on your availability. Even if your contact responds with a negative answer, at least you have launched the conversation. 

Master your online presence

It’s not precisely about your email anymore but about its consequences. Before sending it to an crucial (future) work relation, check your LinkedIn profile. If your email's content is interesting enough, your interlocutor will make some research about you & your company. Don’t be afraid to ask to your professional relations to write you some LinkedIn recommendations as well.

Don’t give up

As weird as it may seems, an unanswered email can be a good opportunity. It's better than nothing! At least now you have a perfectly good reason to call him/her back ;-).

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