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Cycling against cancer

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Peter Hoeyberghs
IBM i expert system engineer

EASI supports Professor Voet's breast cancer research at the KU Leuven. We climbing the Mont Ventoux especially for it, but you can help as well!

Although the number of people who get cancer in Belgium continues to rise (an average of 186 people per day!), it is still frightening when someone in your personal environment has to endure such a setback.

And than...

When your loved ones have to deal with this terrible disease, you can often feel completely powerless. And yet the support of family and friends for cancer patients is of priceless value. It helps them - and sometimes us - to turn negative feelings into something positive.

In short, you want to fight together and the truth is: as long as cancer has not been eradicated, every action can help to improve the quality of life of (ex-)cancer patients.

The action

Me and my friends have therefore decided to ride the Mont Ventoux together at the end of September. We are sponsored by EASI and have already tested our EASI cycling equipment during our training sessions.


Project van Professor Voet

Because of our own experiences, we chose to support the project of Professor Voet of the KU Leuven. They are doing a lot of research to refine the treatment of breast cancer. The aim of the research team is to reduce the uncomfortable side effects of the therapy as quickly as possible.

Do you want to help?

Would you also like to support this project for personal reasons?

That is possible. Free donations are welcome to the account number of the K.U. Leuven, KREDBEBB, BE45 7340 1941 7789.  If you use our reference number: 400/0016/49746, then we know where your contribution comes from! For donations of 40 euros or more, you will of course receive a tax certificate.

Thank you for reading this story. Thank you for your support.

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