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Have you ever tested your backups?

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Gilles Vanhal
Sales Engineer, EASI

Have you ever made backups of your data? I'm pretty sure you did! Have you ever tested these backups? I'm pretty sure you didn't!

In a company, the IT department is responsible for making backups of their environment. This often happens on tapes which have to be stored somewhere (physically). A lot of time and money is invested in setting up a good backup and recovery plan. But all too often the testing is the missing step in making backups. Without testing, there isn’t any assurance that the backup will actually work!

A Backup and Recovery Test (BRT) is the perfect answer towards a successful Disaster Recovery, using the customer’s data and EASI’s infrastructure. Because, what’s the point of having a back-up that can’t be restored?

Next week, my colleague Guy will give a nice example of a customer case showing the importance of a BRT.