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Here is how you minimize the administrative hassle in your sales process

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Jesse Huylebroeck
Sales Representative

Reducing administrative work is essential to allow sales representatives to do their job, which is selling. But how can sales professionals cut their admin time? The secret is to go digital. I'll show you where you make the difference.

The working day of a sales professional is always too short. You want to fill your day with productive selling time and that is why sometimes it can feel like there is not enough time for your basic admin tasks. 

I think we've established that some non-selling time is inevitable, but that does not mean you can't be productive. 

SmartSales will help you to win your time back and and will help you to streamline your administrative work. 

Here is how

By the way, if reading this article will take you too long, you can always watch the video below. The key is to automate basic administration tasks. Here are some examples of what SmartSales can do for you. 


Optimize your route 

When you are visiting clients, they are often located in different parts of the city or the country. Scheduling visits and organizing your day can be hard. That is why SmartSales allows you to see where your clients are located. You can fill in a route and see who is nearby. You can even filter on say, big clients, urgent visits, prospects,... you name it.


Forget about duplicate data 

Knowing that duplicate data is a pain in the neck for all CRM users, we've designed a special tool that will filter your data and enrich them at the same time. It does not take long to see the benefits of a tool that detects and eliminates duplicates automatically. (Time saved, less errors, more data about the same customer or prospect, ...) Correct information is key for sales professionals. You can read all about it here, if you want more information about that. Of course that doesn't mean you should not be careful with the data you are inputting yourself, but it is a start! 

Use an electronic signature 

If you have not simplified and automated this yet. We can tell you. It is time! It's pretty clear how much time you can win with an e-signature. We're not even speaking about the paper waste and back-and-forth communication between you and the person that needs to sign your documents. Use SmartSales to sign your orders immediately (online and offline).


Use a sales e-library 

Catalogs, products specifications, presentations, pricing grids (tailor made for each client), ... Stop walking around with kilo's of unnecessary baggage. Bring one table, present it professionally and send out whatever your client want with one e-mail when your there. Simplify your life, reduce your admin work at home and sent them the info right away. another bonus? Your manager uploads the most recent document, and it will sync in real time. Everybody will be using the same e up-to-date information all the time. Isn't that great? 

Stay organized and focused 

Check out what SmartSales can do for you. Check this video.



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