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Hired during Lockdown, ready for the job!

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Dante Beddegenoots
Account Manager

Have you ever signed a contract without ever seeing an employee of your new employer in real life? Well I have. Here's how my first months went down.

Hi, my name is Dante and the 20th of July was my first day at EASI. I was excited to finally start my first job, after having signed a contract in the lockdown period earlier this year. All the interviews happened through Teams. I signed a contract to work for EASI without ever having seen an EASI employee in real life!


The EASI values were one of the main topics during the hiring process, this set high expectations. I am happy to say that the EASI-spirit is as strong as I expected! Right away from my first day I felt how our values make us such a strong team. As I have no IT-background, getting started in our Infrastructure business line was not easy.

What helped me through this tough start, was the daily support of my colleagues. With their continuous help I have learned so much in such a short time. ​​​​​​​

Sales Academy

As of the 21st of September, every new sales employee started the sales academy in Nivelles. I really appreciate the fact that EASI insists so much on training. During our first week we were taught the important basics of our daily tasks. We learned how to use the applications.

During the training the specific aspects of a sales role within EASI were explained. To end the week, we got an introduction to the different business lines. We will specialize in one department, but it's important to recognize the signs if you can help your customer with other services, or to understand how your colleagues will help the same customer with different products or services.

Specific training

During the second week, the group was split up and divided by business line. We all got indulged in our business line, getting lots of information on the different aspects of our own business line. Since everybody learns differently we had information sessions, role-play exercises, etc.

Let's get practical

In the third week, the focus lies on one of the most important aspects of sales: prospecting.

This week will have a very hands-on approach as we will be making a lot of practice calls, which is really exciting!

It's personal

What stood out to me most during this first half of the sales academy is the experience and know-how we have at EASI.

It was truly inspiring to have such experienced and skilled people as our teachers. In my opinion, this shows the strength of EASI. It's incredible to see how heavily they invest in every new employee, including me, so we can all reach our full potential.

I am looking forward to the rest of sales academy and to put all my newly gained skills and knowledge to the test!

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