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Homeworking: How fast can I get my bookkeeping in the cloud?

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Dieter Offermans
Sales Engineer, EASI

Your bookkeeping is a necessary, high priority service that needs to be up to date at all times. Are you considering cloud hosting for your financial service? You're not alone, read here what we can do for you.

At the beginning of last week, the world looked completely different. No dirt on the air for many people and therefore no idea what challenge was hanging over everyone's head. From one day to the next, working from home became the norm to control the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. This has substantial consequences for infrastructure managers, IT managers, CIOs, etc.

In order to adapt our internal operations to this context, EASI also continued to work last weekend to adapt and set up the entire infrastructure so that all employees could continue working from home as usual.

"Business as usual"

The economy keeps turning. This is also an important message that is being conveyed by the government. In addition to the health of each and every one of us (the top priority), we all have a great responsibility to keep Belgium 'healthy' on an economic level as well.


A very crucial service that has the highest priority is keeping the accounts. This is something that must always be up to date and correct. As a provider of financial management systems for Windows and Power i, we received a lot of questions from customers to support them in this transition. Certainly, if the management and hosting is still managed 'on-premise', the reflection on cloud hosting soon follows.

In the cloud

It's not new, of course, but it's more than relevant today. It is therefore our task to proactively inform customers and potential customers of the possibilities and to assist them in this thinking process. A credo that we pursue every day.

In concrete terms: our accounting software can be hosted in our Cloud2Be environment. Very simple for you, because all the work and responsibilities to set up and manage the infrastructure will be transferred to EASI.

On the other hand, we give you guarantees that it is a high-performance and stable environment. Nice to know: nowadays, 9 out of 10 new projects are hosted in Cloud2Be, a remarkable evolution compared to 2 years ago.

What can we realize and how fast?

A practical example. An Adfinity customer who chose local hosting until now, contacted us on 17/03/2020, because they did not have access to the accounts from home. Friday 20/03/2020 they will be up and running in our Cloud2Be environment. They will be able to continue working as they were before. I would like to take some time to thank the consultants involved for the extra effort to make this happen on short notice! #CustomerSatisfaction #GoingTheExtraMile


Working from home is suddenly the norm and this has major implications for the IT infrastructure. The IT departments of the business community are as we speak busy to keep our country and its organizations running, or to put it with a professional term: 'to provide Business Continuity'.

However, this is a responsibility that could (and should) easily be outsourced to IT organizations that specialize in this area. Can we help you migrate your local Adfinity installation to Cloud2be or do you have any questions about our approach, please feel free to contact your trusted contact person or me.

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