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How can Adfinity help organisations in the football sector?

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Filip Van Hove
Sales Representative Adfinity, EASI

Financial management is an issue for the football sector because the best performing clubs are often the most financially strong ones. Find out how Adfinity can help them.Football clubs and federations are becoming increasingly professional in order to perform better and better, both in terms of management and sport. Adfinity is now helping this sector as the reference software for accounting and financial management. Find out why in this article.

Entering the world of football

The world of football is a captivating world. It's a small world that I'm part of, both personally and professionally through EASI. Discipline, hard work, "teamwork makes the dreamwork" ... these are the essential life lessons I have learned from playing this game and which I share with Salvatore Curaba, founder of EASI and former professional player.  For a moment, I thought that my sports career in football had ended at the age of 19... And yet, today I have the chance to continue this career in a different way with EASI.

Football clubs are managed like SMEs

Today, clubs and federations are becoming more and more professional and organized like real companies. Clubs such as the URBSFA - KBVB and OHL (the Leuven team) work with fully digitized budgets, robotisation and matching tools (OCR) and they use Adfinity, the reference software in the field of accounting and financial management, developed by EASI.

Balance between finance & sports

The best performing clubs are often the most financially stable ones. This strong base also allows them to stand out in sports. In order to compete internationally, we have to ensure that our Belgian clubs are well managed and well organised. Sport is also about organisation, and EASI can help them.

The added value of Adfinity

In this sector, Adfinity has strong added value! Adfinity can, as an example, manage the sponsorships thanks to our contract module. We are fully digital, budgets are available locally, approval flows are digitalized, excellent reports are available instantly etc. Need more features, or you are using other tools? We have many integration options as well. 

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